This delightful collection of nursery rhymes is more of a series of single story pages – each with a surprising, inventive, and beautifully designed set of interactions. It’s a fun new offering from Atomic Antelope.

Buy it here on the iTunes App Store for $2.99

Like Atomic Antelope’s other storybooks, this one has got a  smashing illustrated look and feel. Each story page is inspired by a classic nursery rhyme, but none rehashes the entire rhyme. Instead, each screen presents the essence of the rhyme in the context of a magazine-like design combined with the interactivity of a game. It’s so interesting to see the notion of book and game coming together in this way. Well worth the price.

It also comes integrated with “Storytime,” which appears to be a way to read the story remotely to your kid – if you’re on the road. Doesn’t seem very useful – why not just put your mobile on speakerphone and have your partner read turn the pages? Don’t really get it.

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