This book has got some really cool technical features, but the story drags and the illustration/photo style is a bit disconcerting.

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I’m a techie, so I can appreciate the long long hours that went into creating this book. It’s truly a technical feat – and one of the first kids books that I’ve seen make use of perspective based 3d, where the layout changes to match your perspective as you move the iPad around. It’s a mod of the technique made famous by Johnny Lee in this youtube video.

So, it’s with no small number of misgivings that I’ll write the following… and I’ll caveat the following by saying that I’m simply not a fan of girly fairy books. They’re just not my cup of tea, so if yours is, your opinion may differ.

While I found the 3d perspective interesting at first, it didn’t add enough to the story to make the story itself interesting. Some of the characters are morbidly skeletal (see screenshot of animals in a row with bunnies on end… the bunnies look like Keith Richards after a rough night). And then there are the invisible roses – which is a very neat concept – but in practice, looks like pixelated half-loaded images.  So, buy this book if you like fairies or appreciate technical craft. But you won’t find a rich narrative or artwork that gets you out of your seat.

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[3/12 update: thanks to comment from Kory from Mobad. I should clarify that by “mod” of Johnny Lee’s work… I mean that it’s using some of the same visual principals to create the 3d effect. ie: the scene changes relative to the positioning of your body (ie: how your hands are holding the iPad), but as Kory notes, the technology is different.]