This is a version of the classic Aesop’s fable – made just for the iPad. I really wanted to like it, because the creator of the app suggested that I review it – and I’m always so happy to see suggestions from readers.

You can buy it here on iTunes for $3.99

Unfortunately, it’s not great. The illustrations are decent. The audio read-along is very good (super voice). The text treatment is sub-par. And there’s a smattering of very basic animation. Overall, a good effort, but it doesn’t take advantage of the iPad as a medium. Like many others in the “Thumbs Middle” category, it’s like a print book with some token iPad features thrown in… and if there were a range within this category, it’d be somewhere around the bottom.

I’m thinking that maybe it’s the work of a first time iPad developer. So, I wish you luck on your next effort or on the update to this one! Let me know when it’s out. I feel rude saying that it needs lots of work – but hopefully the critique will be helpful for improving your iPad creations. Check out the wonderful works in the Thumbs Up category to see the stuff that I consider to be great works of art.

(And by the way, I’m putting my money where my mouth is… my friend Eric and I just released a storybook for the ipad. I’m happy to hear your critique of it. Read about it here. I don’t think we’ve earned a Thumbs Up either (yet) for what it’s worth).

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