Here’s a solid story with good animation, narration, illustration, soundtrack and some decent touch interactivity.

Buy it here on iTunes for $7.99.

So, it’s got all of the elements of a great story, but it fails to impress. It feels like it was pumped out by an iPad book making factory checking off the interactivity boxes. It falls short on charm (see the A Present for Milo if you want a whole heap of charm).

I’m also not on board with this compulsion to add all kinds of games and activities to these iPad storybooks. The most common game added to iPad stories for kids is a coloring book. This one has got a coloring book, puzzle, some video, and a matching game. Blah blah blah. Listen, if I want a coloring book, I’m going to go get a coloring book app. Focus on your story. Make the narrative and iPad interactivity great. Don’t bother offering yet another lame coloring book app to spice up the story. Actually spice up the story!

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