Holy moly. It’s Atomic Antelope at it again – this time with an ambitious new original project. This is how I think the story goes: Atomic Antelope (2 people) craft a category busting iPad App based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Millions of people download it at $8.99 and suddenly Atomic Antelope is flush with media attention and cash. Do they sit on their laurels. No way. They repeat their successful antique style and inventive physics (now much copied) with Bauble, and Nursery Rhymes, all the while working on their most ambitious project to date: Alice in New York.

Get it on iTunes App Store for $8.99

It’s an original storyline (with a ™ and all), original illustrations, and original physics effects. This time (flush with cash), they spend it on story quality – hiring specialists to do fireworks effects, integrated game dynamics, writing, illustration, and sound. And it’s an amazing feat.

My only quip is that the story is so long and involved that the storybook elements sometimes seem separate. Whereas with Nursery Rhymes, Atomic Antelope simply dispensed with the story – conveying only its essence and focusing in on the illustrations and interaction, this opus attempts the same kind of detailed interactive storypages along with an intricate original story. And the result is that they seem less integrated than in their previous work. That said, it’s a minor quip. All told, this app is a feat of storytelling, illustration, and programming. This team is defining what storytelling will become over the next decade. Bravo.

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