Akaneiro retells the story of Red Riding Hood, but set in Feudal Japan. The dark illustrations are richly beautiful – set in an eternal sort of fog that speaks of impending doom. Interactive features such as a village bell that you can ring or an axe that allows you to chop wood are perfectly layered into the storyline.

But it here on the iTunes App Store for $.99

A few minutes ago, I posted a review of another Red Riding Hood iPad book, in which I complained of gratuitous features and uneven illustrations. Akaneiro shows how it should be done. It takes the old classic story and retells it in vivid detail – with lush illustrations – and a perfect balance of interactivity and narrative. My only complaint is that the text treatment seems like an afterthought… inconsistent with the rest of the artwork and artful approach to the story.

But all around, it’s a fantastic experience. Scary though – and probably not kid appropriate. But for older kids or parents, it’s well worth the bargain basement $.99 pricetag.

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