It was with great excitement that I downloaded this book. A quick look at the screenshots and you’ll know why. The illustrations are beyond luscious. They’re deeply moving. Evocative. Each illustrated page brings new delight – and I will return to this book often to enjoy them. But all told – this is an illustrated book of short stories… lightly ported the iPad. And, if you’ve read some of my other reviews, you’ll know that my criteria for a Thumbs Up is, at a minimum, that the story takes unique advantage of the iPad to tell its story. This book does not. And its a shame – because there is such a deep and engaging illustrated world to explore here. There’s one page that features a lightly animated under-sea-in-the-sky scene that left me aching to know what these stories might become…

Alas, the interactive features are stilted and the user interface seems dated (like from a CD-rom from the early 90s, using Hypercard). With such wonderful illustrations and layouts, I can only assume that this iPad version was an afterthought… If there’s another version released, however, I’ll eagerly download it. I see heaps of potential – and a new story waiting to unfold. All of this said, it’s well worth the $1.99 download price. A solid addition to the storybook collection.

Buy it here on iTunes for $1.99

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